Cosmic Rough Riders - Country Life

A long, long time ago,
In green fields of our own,
We were free to wander,
We were free to roam.

Those tall, dark, leafy trees,
Our shelter from the breeze,
Are all gone in a paper chase,
Hung up with wallpaper paste.


Tell the farmer
to keep the dogs at bay,
We were here a long time ago,
When the land was free to roam,
Now it's been stripped to the bone.

(Straight on)

My first memory
Of blue sky and cornfields,
A hornet's nest,
A floral dress,
Summer evenings were the best,

The last thing on my mind
Was to leave it all behind,
Move out to a city life,
Necessity, if you don't mind


This city is full of fakes.
This city is full of mistakes.
We're moving out to the country.
We're gonna find a place where the air is clean and free, yeah.