No, I don't want this, not again.
I've had enough, I want no pain.
Yet here I sit, my every thought
Of how I might my angel court.

She might be one to save my soul,
To show me how to play my role.
For her I live, for her I'd die,
But how'll I know unless I try?

So I am torn right through the middle,
To try and solve the insoluble riddle,
To now confess, and know for sure,
Or stay, and doubt for ever more?

Is this destruction or salvation?
Heaven's bliss, or hell's damnation?
Am I stuck in limbo, waiting,
Wasting time by hesitating?

Or is her friendship saving me?
For when we talk, my heart is free.
Is this the path I should prefer?
She knows my soul, and I know her.

(C) Mark Callanan 2004

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