Insanely Jealous

I was for someone else rejected,
Never love for me reflected,
With obsession I'm infected,
I can't let it go.

Nothing comforting is found,
No placid thought, no gentle sound,
My head is spinning round and round
What I refuse to know.

Now sanity has lost its place,
I'm broken, fallen hard from grace,
On every boy I see his face,
And hers on every girl.

I wander on, they wander by,
Hopelessly, aimlessly I try
To get away, to hide, to cry,
My mind a noisy whirl.

I find a purpose in my flight,
My absent heart compels a fight,
I break through, break out, that I might
Find where my mind has gone.

I stumble back, to home return,
Resist emotion's mental churn,
And slowly, very slowly learn
To cope, and carry on.

(C) Mark Callanan 2004

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