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I'm the predictive jargon jargon wombat. I cook, I sing, I code, I mosh, I strum, I sleep.

I can be contacted at <>.

Ray Traced Pictures

These are jpeg images, poorish quality 1024x768. Download them if you really like...


W00t, w00t, w00t, pling

I've finally got round to putting this up. It's bizarre, it's unnecessarily lame. No machine should be with a copy. If you want it, click on the link below. N.B. This has been tested under Debian, and works for Solaris with slight modification. I hope to provide better cross-plaftorm compatability in the future.

www! (v0.5)

Quake Mods

This is the download section for Quake 1 mods I have made. People who own a copy of Quake 1 (shareware or full) may be interested in QuakeForge, a Quake engine available for a lot of different platforms. The progs.dat files were built with this.

WeirdQuake (no real version, but I'd suggest it's v0.2)
MagicQuake (v0.5)
MagicQuake (v0.65, more spells, more fun, more bugs)


DHMO homepage
Oxymoron Humour Archive
Dumb Laws
Dumb Warnings

Web Comics

These are links to some of the comics on the web which I occasionally read.

Sluggy Freelance

The infamous ZeroWing intro


Other Cool Stuff

Star Wars ASCII animation (requires Java, I think)


I will gratefully accept any contributions for this section, to <>. I do not promise to put every recipe I receive up here, but all will be considered, and those included will be credited. Those which are not credited were included by me.

Any recipe which has [Low Fat] next to it is a low fat recipe.

The Basics

[       ]Batter
[       ]White Sauce
[       ]Shortcrust Pastry
[Low Fat]Sunflower Oil Pastry (Shortcrust Pastry)
[       ]Pizza Dough

Basic recipes

[       ]Basic Bolognese
[       ]Basic Chilli Con Carne
[       ]Butter Bread
[Low Fat]Low Fat Chips
[Low Fat]Chicken Bacon And Spinach Soup
[Low Fat]Chicken Fukti Fyno
[Low Fat]Garlic Breadcrumbed Chicken
[Low Fat]Onion Soup
[       ]Pancakes
[Low Fat]Refried Beans (cheating method)
[Low Fat]Seasoned Low Fat Chips

Regular recipes

[       ]Chilli Potato Bread
[       ]Chicken In Port With Sage
[       ]Goulash a la MrTea
[       ]Marinated Chilli Beef
[       ]Meat Loaf
[       ]Not Kung Po Chicken
[       ]Pizza a la MrTea
[       ]Special Bolognese
[Low Fat]Walnut And Spinach Lasagne

Cakes and Desserts

[       ]Brownies
[       ]Chocolate Chip Cookies (Experimental Blend #3)
[       ]Chocolate Chip Cookies (Paul Mutton's Java Cookies)
[       ]Chocolate Fudge
[       ]Chocolate Ice Cream
[Low Fat]Chocolate Orange Muffins
[Low Fat]Chocolate Sorbet
[Low Fat]Coffee And Kahlua Sorbet
[       ]Creme Fraiche Ice Cream
[Low Fat]Ginger Cheesecake
[       ]Gypsy Tart
[Low Fat]Meringues
[Low Fat]Microwave Meringues
[       ]Microwave Flapjacks
[       ]Rich Crunchy Chocolate Tart
[       ]Shortbread
[       ]Spicy Rum and Chocolate Chip Rock Buns
[Low Fat]Strawberry Cakebread
[       ]Victoria Sponge

[       ]Chocolate Fudge Cake
[       ]Lasagne


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